Meet your team

Courtney, Chair of Solace SG.
Hi, I have SCD, and like many of you, have experienced the highs, lows, elation, depression, the good and the bad that having the disorder entails. I am a firm believer in taking control of those aspects of my life that I can, and letting go of the guilt I feel when I the random nature of my illness takes control out of my hands.
I enjoy being part of a community of people who can empathise, support and encourage each other, and that is why I decided to give my time to the support group. I am guiding the direction the group goes in based on Board input and member feedback, am involved in grant applications, and linking and collaborating with other charities, and voluntary groups.I am an advocate of an holistic lifestyle, and practise Yoga and Tai Chi weekly, as well as supporting my mental health through counselling. I realise there are many paths to living well with Sickle Cell & Thalassemia, and am very interested in learning from the whole community, and creating a space where we can pool our information and all can benefit from it.


Toyin Agbetu (Interim – Vice Chair)
Greetings, I’ve held the post of our groups vice chair for its inaugural year and am now hoping to become its part time campaign officer. I’m the parent of a child with sickle cell, a community educator and passionate advocate for people power when it comes to addressing community issues. As a scholar-activist and indie filmmaker I’ve also been involved in many campaigns based around social justice themes. It is my hope to help SOLACE SG address key issues affecting people living with sickle cell through awareness raising, education, research and where warranted – activism. I’ve seen the wonderful work and amazing difference this support group has made supporting its most vulnerable members first-hand. It’s a privilege being able to serve beside my gifted and talented colleagues along with the help of the Sickle Cell Society, support from staff at the Homerton University Hospital and the several local businesses that are sponsoring us.


Oleander Agbetu – Volunteer Board member
Greetings all, my name is Oleander Agbetu and since the end of last year, I have been the Volunteer board member with a specific remit for parent carers of children with Sickle Cell Disease. I am the proud parent of a child and daughter of my late mother, both with Sickle Cell Disease. I have been working with the board on grant applications also, with a view to bring in some money to run some children’s projects as well as general projects for patients with Sickle Cell. I plan to make myself available on a floating basis at our office co-running the coffee/information sessions when needed.
I support the planning of our monthly gatherings, ie, refreshments and resources such as membership cards.
I also volunteer for a few community groups as well as running my own Social Enterprise providing creative workshops in the community.
I have recently started to volunteer on occasion for the Sickle Cell Society at events and at their children’s holiday.



June – Board Secretary
I was appointed mid year in 2016 to be part of the SOLACE Board. My role as Board Secretary is to support several functions of the Board.
I am excited to be a part of this amazing transformation happening with the support group at the Homerton and Hackney’s sickle cell services generally.
I hope to bring some of my experience, working in health services and generally, my knowledge and experience of sickle services to this group.
I am a sickle patient and have been under the care of the Homerton for many years. The haematology services in Hackney is close to my heart. It will be great to work with members of SOLACE and clinicians to consistently improve services for users.
My aim is to provide support to general Board functions and raise the profile of the group locally and nationally to enable us achieve the objectives we have set out for sickle patients in Hackney and the group as a wider community.
I would also be proud to see that sickle patients where possible are living a healthy and reasonable quality of life.
If there are areas of your care locally or anything else that affects the quality of life of sickle patients which you feel the Board should be focusing on improving, please do not hesitate to contact us.
My interests include traveling and exploring, culture and art, community volunteering for several causes, writing blogs and poetry and generally having a great time with life. I love cake and tea too.